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Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply originated in 1976 on tiny Peaceful Valley Road in Nevada City, California. The business started in a small garage and sent out a four-page newsletter to growers. As the business expanded, we moved down Peaceful Valley Road where we leased a few acres and a shed. The shed was only about 12' x 20' and employees had to use an outhouse! Since the business was in a rural area, we were able to have a greenhouse and grow nursery plants to sell to local customers.
We are dedicated to preserving the environment by providing you with cost-effective, state-of-the-art, organic growing supplies and the information and tools needed to apply them. We strive to provide growers at every level, from home gardeners to commercial farmers, with great service, low prices and the best selection of quality products available. We promise to remain focused on “organic” and will continue to participate in outreach programs to promote the benefits of organic growing, while maintaining our leadership as one of the pioneers of America’s organic gardening supplies marketplace. When you shop with us, be assured that each product has been reviewed by our staff. We know you want quality, so we scrutinize every product we sell to ensure that it meets our high standards.

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