Headshot Photographer since: 2002

Format: Digital | Mixed
In Hollywood, it is only natural for me to shoot a lot of actors. But I also work with singers, authors, stand-ups and musicians. My clients range from Concord Records to Self Magazine to Penguin Publishing and I look forward to and enjoy new challenges.
The whole process should be very easy and not a stressful time at all. The easiest way for that to happen is to come prepared. If you want to do commercials and don't know what to wear...watch TV for 15 minutes and look at what the actors in the commercials are wearing. That will tell you exactly what to bring. Ask your agent what they want and get them to be specific. I can't get the "suit shot" if you don't bring a suit. And before you come, center yourself...lay on the floor and stretch and get rid of some tension. This is what you would hopefully do when auditioning....same for your photos. And always bring some wardrobe options...you never know until we see it. Relax, have a great time (I do!) and we'll got some great images that will work for you!

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