Headshot Photographer since: 2005

Format: Digital | Studio
I believe it's beneficial for my clients to know the details of the workflow to be fully prepared and to understand the process for a more successful & productive shoot.
A typical session runs around 3 hours and we’ll be taking anywhere between 250-400 shots. I never shoot more than two clients a day to guarantee that every client gets the full attention and never feels rushed, even if we end up going over-time. I am shooting tethered, meaning every image will be directly transferred from the camera into the computer, making it possible for us to see the shots we take as we go along. This part of my workflow is essential as it allows us to inspect the images closely and determine each shot’s potential. We’ll also be reviewing and editing your session together in between changes so we get the chance to focus on seeing if there’s anything you feel we might have missed up to that point so we can adjust and you know exactly what to work on to get the results you are looking for.

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